Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Jaipur dates from 1727 when it was established as the seat of power of Maharaja Jai Singh II and became the first planned city to be built in India. Jaipur is the city of the Rajputs and its royal heritage is very much in evidence with many fascinating and beautiful monuments. It is hard to imagine a more vibrant and architectural pleasing city than Jaipur. A favourite destination for adventurers and travellers since the early years of its founding, Jaipur has much to offer the contemporary traveller. From the cultural heritage of the royal palaces, fortresses and gardens, the intricate skills of the city’s textile and jewellery craftsmen and women and the many fairs and festivals, there is genuinely something to catch the imagination of every visitor.

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

To this day Jaipur retains the conformity of elegant style that was the vision of its founder enlivened by the colour and bustle of traders plying their wares in the streets, markets and bazars. A must on any traveller’s itinerary.

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