Chhatra Sagar Nimaj (Rajasthan)

Chhatra Sagar - Bird's eye view

Described as a birding paradise, Chhatra Sagar Nimaj is one of the most peaceful and enchanting hideaways in Rajasthan. This once arid district was transformed into prime agricultural land by the vision of Thakur Chhatra Singh of Nimaj during the latter years of the nineteenth century. The lake, surrounded by small villages and set amid open grassland and hillocks, dates from 1890 when the completion of a dam across a seasonal stream created a reservoir to capture and hold the monsoon rains. By the early years of the twentieth century a lush oasis had formed and soon became an established attraction for the many eminent visitors that came to stay. This initiated a tradition of luxurious tented encampments famed for the extravagant hospitality during lavish seasonal sporting parties.

Chhatra Sagar  -  Hill tent Interior

Today sporting parties are no more than a distant memory of a bygone age, though an array of wildlife is still to be found around the lake and on the grassland plains. During the months of February and March the lake’s surface area can reduce dramatically, but the remaining area of water becomes an important watering ‘hole’ attracting many species of wildlife like nilgai, wild boar, jackal, fox and a large variety of birds, waders, duck, geese, pelicans as well as sandgrouse, harriers and other raptor species.

What does remain from the opulent early days of the last century is the tradition of warm hospitality and the famous luxurious tented accommodation in a recreation of Camp Chhatra Sagar by the great grandchildren of Thakur Chhatra Singhji. Sumptuously comfortable accommodation affording magnificent views of the surrounding landscape is complimented by traditional cuisine, including many family recipes passed down over several generations. It would be difficult to find a better way of experiencing the unspoilt beauty of traditional rural India.

There is a special connection with Krishnavi Expeditions as it is from the same family that Himanshu Rathore, founder of Krishnavi Expeditions hails.

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