Alsisar Shekhawati (Rajasthan)
The small semi desert region Shekhawati is to be found to the north of Rajasthan. It is famed for its beautifully decorated merchant palaces (‘havelis’). Dating from the 18th and 19th centuries the havelis became a symbol of wealth and influence and were decorated with exquisite wall paintings that adorn both interiors and exteriors and earned the region recognition as the ‘open art gallery’ of Rajasthan.

Alsisar Mahal

Shekhawati is also noted for its wildlife with species that are well adapted to the arid landscape. Chinkara gazelle, nilgai, desert fox, Eurasian eagle owl and many other birds, mammals and reptiles are to be encountered.

The beautiful palace of Alsisar Mahal is an ideal base from which to experience this semi dessert region with the opportunity to do so either by jeep or by camel, the latter being considered the ideal and traditional mode of transport for the region. The Alsisar Mahal is owned by Gaj Singhji, head of the Alsisar family. Abhimanyu is Gaj Singhji’s son and he is the perfect host who takes a close personal interest in running of the hotel ensuring that every guest experiences the excellence of the hospitality for which the Alsisar Mahal is famous. At the end of the safari why not enjoy a classic Sun downer, as just one of the pre-prandial delights on offer amid a desert sunset setting with magnificent landscape views of grazing chinkara gazelles.

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